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Hunting / Fishing

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In Alaska hunting regulations, there is a significant differnece between a BIG GAME TRANSPORTER and a BIG GAME GUIDE...

We are a Big Game Transporter.

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We can transport you and your hunting through out 3,000 miles of waterway on the Kenai Peninsula and Kachemak Bay.

The snow capped Chugach Mountain Range offers slopping grass meadows, where raspberry and blueberries trive making this total bear country.

The Kenai Peninsula, is one of the most breathtaking places on earth, and is often considered the "Artice Rain Forest" of North America, it offers huge spruce and alder forest, and many breath taking blue-ice glaciers that carve out the country side with hundreds of islands creating a maze of waterways for fish, which creates another great bear hunting field.  Fish here are in abundance of course, which makes this a double adventure of a life time.

Our 62' Sanoah will transport hunters and fisherman to remote areas of the Kenai Penisnula, Kachemak Bay, Cook Inlet or Resurrection Bay. It offers lodging and base camp during your hunt.  The Sanoah comes with a knowledgeable, experienced captain and deck hand that will provide transport, lodging and meals during your hunt.

Mountain Goat

Sitka Blacktail deer hunts are on Kodiak Island whick is 3,600 square miles filled with hundreds of mountains, and waterways. Fishing and Hunting opportunities are abundant. We can take you there and be your transportaion and lodging and base camp while you take each day to hunt and fish where ever suits your fancy. This is a do it yourself hunters dream. Hunt along the waterfront grasslands or hike to the top of the rocky terrain, you will be in game country.