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Kachemak Kruise

We offer 2 hour sightseeing cruises around the Bay. On board our vessels, you will enjoy the amazing scenery and exceptional wildlife. You will likely see seals, sea otters, porpoises, a variety of marine and coastal birds, and maybe even whales. We can also offer custom tours for families and small groups.


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Water Taxi

South Central Alaska is our play ground, let us take you there. 

Kachemak Bay State Park or any destinations of your choice.  Come enjoy fishing, kayaking, 
hiking or wildlife viewing.

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Whether your adventure is backpacking, hunting, or kayaking, we'll get you and your gear there.



Scenic ViewsScenic ViewsScenic ViewsScenic ViewsScenic Views

Destination Information

Humpy Creek Trail North (2.8 mi)

Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 873 feet
Time: 1 1/2-2 hours

Going north from the Humpy Creek Trailhead, the trail will skirt along the edge of the high tide line through the grass. As the trail climbs into the woods it is strenuous at times, but you are rewarded with views back down into Humpy Creek drainage and the glacial flats of Grewingk River. The trail passes the junction for the Emerald Lake Trail and then proceeds downhill. This downhill section offers stunning views north to Aurora Lagoon and the Fox River. Great bird watching can be done along the beach on this trail for marine birds as well as small wood dwelling birds.

Humpy Creek Trail South (2.2 mi)

Elevation Gain: 72 ft.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Leave the trailhead and head south across a rustic log bridge. Watch pink salmon spawn here in late August and September. Enjoy a leisurely stroll through the spruce and cottonwood forest for the first mile. Keep an eye out for multiple Bald Eagles resting in the trees after feasting on salmon in Humpy Creek. Follow rock cairns through the alluvial flats until the trail?s terminus at the Grewingk Tram. Take time to refresh in one of the small glacier kettles along this trail if you are brave enough! Use this trail to access longer hikes to Grewingk Glacier or Grewingk Lake.

Humpy Creek Humpy Creek Trail

Glacier Lake Trail (2.2 mi)

Rating: Easy, popular family hike
Hiking Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes from Glacier Spit
Elevation Gain: 50 ft.
Trailhead Access: Marine Access - Glacier Spit Trailhead (wind exposed beach, morning drop-off best); Saddle Trail (afternoon/evening pick-up best at Saddle Trailhead)
Camping: Small camping area at Glacier Spit trailhead, Right Beach, Rusty's Campsite, Grewingk Lake.

The Glacier Lake trail crosses flat terrain, through stands of spruce and cottonwood, and across the dry outwash plain of the Grewingk Glacier. It ends at the broad, open beaches of Grewingk Glacier Lake.

Glacier Lake Trail Glacier Lake Trail

Saddle Trail (1.0 mi)

Rating: Moderate (short, steep climbs)
Hiking Time: 25 minutes
Elevation Gain: 350 ft.
Trailhead Access: Marine Access - Halibut cove (protected anchorage, mooring buoys), good afternoon pick-up.
Camping: Grewingk Glacier Lake sites.

Trail Description: Leading over a low ridge between Halibut Cove and the Grewingk Glacier, the trail provides a popular loop with the Glacier Lake Trail. The trail switchbacks through steep, forested terrain and accesses the Alpine Ridge and Lagoon Trails.

Saddle Trail Saddle Trail

Sadie Knob Trail (4.5 mi)

Elevation Gain: 2100 feet

There are two different trails to reach the alpine area of Sadie Knob; from either the north or south trailheads. These are very well graded trails and offer leisurely hike if one wants to 'smell the roses' and do some bird watching or flower identification. The more ambitious can then take the spur trail to the top for spectacular views and wildflower observation. At the end of the trail on a clear day you can see Mount Iliamna and Redoubt, the north coast of the park, Yukon Island, the Herring Islands and the mouth of Tutka Bay. The flowers above tree line here are abundant. Fleabane, lupine, chocolate lilies, fireweed, goldenrod, cow parsnip, salmonberries and blueberries are everywhere.

Sadie Knob Trail Sadie Knob Trail

Tutka/Jakolof Trail (2.0 mi)

Rating: Easy to Moderate
Hiking Time: 1 hour
Elevation Gain: 250 ft.
Trailhead Access: Marine Access - Tutka Bay Lagoon (high-tide access only); Jakolof Road Trailhead.
Camping: Developed campsite at Tutka trailhead.
Trail Description: This trail joins Tutka Bay Lagoon and the Rocky River road. It climbs over a series of low ridges and through small valleys. Much of this trail is located on the property of the Seldovia Native Association; please stay on the main trail, a five-foot easement.

China Poot Lake Trail (2.6 mi)

Rating: Moderate (short, steep climbs)
Hiking Time: 1.5 hours
Elevation Gain: 500 ft.
Trailhead Access: Marine Access: Halibut Cove Lagoon (protected anchorage, with mooring buoys and public dock)
Camping: Developed campsites at Halibut Cove Lagoon Trailhead, and at China Poot Lake Campsite
Trail Description: This popular trail gently climbs through the forest and over a low ridge, passing two small lakes where common loons are common and blueberries are plentiful (August). The trail meanders through cottonwoods and ends at the China Poot Lake Campsite and inlet stream. Great camping or picnic site, great departure point for the Poot Peak or Wosnesenski areas.

China Poot Lake Trail China Poot Lake Trail


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