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Kachemak Bay Tours

We offer 2 hour sightseeing cruises around the Bay as well as customer tours for families and small groups.

 Water Taxi

What ever your adventure is backpacking, hunting, or kayaking, we can take you and your gear there.

Halibut Cove~Eldred Passage~Glacier Spit/Saddle Trail~Hesketh Island~Jakolof By~Kasitsna Bay~Kayak Beach~Bear Cove~Sadie Cove~Tutka Bay~Humby Creek~China Poot~Gull Island~Coalation Trailhead~Halibut Cove Lagoon~Aurora agoon~Haystack Rock~All Points in Kachemak Bay Park...



When you need welding on your boat while in the water, we can come to you.  From construction to repair services, we specialize in welding as well as repairing damaged props and tanks.

We Deliver:

~Floating and Stationary Docks

~Remote Cabins

~Remote Dirt work and Equipment


~Pilings and Foundations

~Bank Stablization

Vessel in Water - Marine Construction


What ever you need to transport across the water, big or small give us a call.

Building accross the inlet? we can transport all your building materials and supplies using one of our landing crafts.

Our landing crafts can drive right up on the beach, drop the ramps and unload. So whether you are coming from Anchorage, Wasilla, Seward or even Kodiak, AMS can service your needs.

We have many vessels at our disposal to get your job done!

Emergency Services


With so many vessels at our disposal we can accommodate nearly all the needs of our clients. 

What ever the Emergency we have tools and equipment to make the flow of getting it all there faster and smoother.


Let us help you perform research in refuges or assist with research on whale counts or breeding patterns.

Biologists studying critical habitat issues can take advantage of our marine surveying transportation.



What ever you need moved across the water, we can do it all.  large or small give us a call!