Complete Marine Services

Freight, Construction, Emergency Services, & Research

Choose ALASKA MARINE SERVICES located in Kenai & Homer, Alaska. Backed by more than 30 years of marine service experience. You can always count on our fleet to move fast and accommodate your every need! From moving freight, to construction work; we do it all!

  • Freight - Full service freight forwarding company specializing cargo on the water
  • Construction - Bank restoration, floating & stationary docks, remote cabins, trails
  • Emergency Services - Marine landing craft and fire fighting Services
  • Research - We take you to the right spot
  • Water Taxi - Ferry, Bay tours, hunting & fishing

  • Water Taxi Operators & Tours


    We provide Water Taxi & Tours of the area. Water Taxi - Ferry, Bay tours, hunting & fishing

    Water Freight Services


    Full service freight hauling company specializing in shipping cargo on the water

    Marine Construction


    Bank restoration, floating & stationary docks, remote cabins, trails

    More Services We Provide

    • Freight Shipping
    • Emergency Services & Rescue
    • Research & Survey
    • Hunting & Fishing
    • Bay Tours
    • Specialized Solutions

    Emergency Services, Research & Survey projects:

    Emergency ServicesIf your looking for a safety boat or response boat, we have what you need. We are able to quickly respond in Cook Inlet, Kachemak Bay and numerious inland waterway & lakes in the area. We have the right equipment to help out with any water emergency situation you may have including floods, emergency water solutions, recovery, oil spills & fires. We are quick to respond & have most emergency equipment you will need. Give us a call for pricing.

    Oil Boom • Oil Skimmers • Fire Fighting Equipment
    Fire Boats • Research & Rescue Services

    Marine Construction & Freight:

    Marine Construction & Freight Our team of builders are made up of master craftsman who have had years of building & construction skills. Quality work you can count on & services that cover all of your construction needs.

    • Remote Cabins • Floating Docks • Metal Fabrication
    • Construction Tools • Custom Skiffs & Trailers • Remote Dirt Work
    • Equipment Trails • Bank Stabilization • Pilings & Foundation Work

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    Marine Construction & Freight